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New Generation of Turbochargers Announced
dates:2014/9/19 16:05:06    vivews:7021

MAN Diesel & Turbo has announced the development of a new turbocharger series specifically matched to the requirements of two-stroke engines.

For the first time ever, MAN Diesel & Turbo will develop a turbocharger series exclusively for two-stroke engines that is especially designed and optimised to fulfill Tier III requirements. Compared to the TCA turbocharger range, successfully introduced by the company during the last decade, TCT efficiency shows an increase of 5% through using newly-developed compressor and turbine-wheel geometry, consequently increasing waste-heat-recovery potential by 30%. The TCT range will also deliver a 10% greater air flow at a turbocharging pressure 25% higher, while being 30% smaller and 40% lighter than the existing TCA range. MAN Diesel & Turbo reports that the first TCT turbocharger is expected to reach the market in 2016 after an extensive validation and field-testing programme.

Dirk Balthasar, Head of Sales and Promotion – Turbocharger Business Unit – MAN Diesel & Turbo, said: “Modern turbochargers must meet many demands, including meeting technical requirements – such as Tier III compliance – at the most competitive price, having small dimensions to facilitate installation in cramped spaces, not to mention characteristics such as high operational reliability, low maintenance frequencies and a long working life. The conflict of objectives is obvious.” He concluded: “In developing the TCT range, it was important to MAN Diesel & Turbo to balance the individual demands of the different groups of customers to achieve an optimum overall result. Ultimately, we feel we have achieved this and believe the TCT range to be the best overall turbocharger package for two-stroke engines.”

MAN Diesel & Turbo reports that individual TCT turbochargers will cover a wider range of engine ratings, and that engine manufacturers will be able to use just one size for turbocharging different numbers of cylinders. It also states that individual adaptation of the turbocharger to the engine will be by the established method of using a variety of exchangeable parts within the turbocharger, while TCT production costs can be controlled by dispensing with the alternatives required for four-stroke engines. The requirement of Tier III engines – featuring EGR technology – for wide compressor maps to cover different EGR flow rates will be met with the development of specific compressor-wheel geometries with wide compressor maps.

The new TCT range provides shipowners and installation operators with significant advantages. Customers familiar with the TCA ranges will find that TCT turbochargers still provide them with proven solutions, such as the patented Super-Bolt compressor wheel mounting that saves maintenance time. The life of expendable parts has also been extended by using high-performance components, as reflected in lower servicing frequencies. In line with established MAN maintenance philosophy, servicing